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Introduction to the scope of use of muffle furnace

Introduction to the scope of use of muffle furnace

muffle furnace is a cyclically operating general heating equipment, which can be used in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units for elemental analysis and heating of small steel parts in the process of quenching, annealing and tempering. It has a wide range of applications, so let’s take a look at it together.

(1) Thermal processing of small workpieces, cement and building materials industries.

(2) Pharmaceutical industry: drug testing, medical sample pretreatment, etc.

(3) Analytical Chemistry: Sample processing in the field of water quality analysis and environmental analysis. The muffle furnace can also be used for petroleum and its analysis.

(4) Coal quality analysis: used to determine moisture, ash, volatile content, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, element analysis. It can also be used as a general ash furnace.

The above is the content of the high-temperature muffle furnace manufacturer’s analysis this time. If you need a muffle furnace, you can consult us.