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Complete set of flexible full-automatic crankshaft quenching machine tool

Complete set of flexible full-automatic crankshaft quenching machine tool

Take the crankshaft quenching machine tool that can quench 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders with different length journal diameters as an example:

1. Transistor power supply 200kW, second gear frequency 10kHz/40kHz, according to productivity, one or two can be used. For one machine, two stations are supplied alternately; for two machines, two stations are supplied respectively. 40kHz (also useful with a frequency of 30 kHz) is used for the quenching of the oil seal, because the depth of the hardened layer at this place is relatively shallow, and the depth of the hardened layer of the finished product is 1.0 ~ 1.5mmo

2. Flexible crankshaft quenching machine tool The length of the crankshaft ranges from 500 to 1300mm, the maximum half stroke of the workpiece is 80mm, the spacing between the main journals can be adjusted by the handle, the minimum spacing requirement is 100mm, and the walking beam transports the workpiece. The first station, the connecting rod neck, and the shaft end quenching transformer inductor group are each one; the second station flange, the main shaft neck quenching transformer inductor group has a total of 3 sets, two of which are for the main shaft neck and one for the flange Oil cover; • There is a capacitor bank and a fume exhaust device on the quenching machine, and there is an operation panel next to the quenching machine.

3. The control cabinet is equipped with numerical control or program controller, as well as all monitoring and protection instruments.

4. The cooling water circulation system includes water tank, water pump, heat exchanger, and pressure and temperature meters.

5. The quenching cooling medium circulation system includes water tank, heat exchanger, pressure gauge, temperature control valve, filter Hua

The layout of the complete set of equipment for the flexible automatic crankshaft quenching machine is shown in Figure 8-3. The heat exchangers of the cooling water system and quenching cooling medium system of the above-mentioned complete sets of equipment use industrial water as the water supply source of the heat exchanger, and there are many new technologies for water saving of industrial water.