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Safety Operation Regulations for Maintenance of Induction Melting Furnace

Safety Operation Regulations for Maintenance of Induction Melting Furnace

1. Labor protection equipment must be worn during the maintenance and operation of the induction melting furnace. The operating platform must use an insulated floor (bakelite or wooden plank, recommended wooden plank) within 50 cm of the furnace body, and it is forbidden to stand directly on the steel structure platform to operate.

2. Before starting the furnace, the reliability of the rotating crane and the ears, steel ropes and loops of the hopper must be carefully checked, and the furnace can be turned on after confirming that the equipment is in good condition.

3. When chemical steel, no one is allowed within 1 meter from the furnace mouth.

4. When feeding materials into the furnace, it is strictly forbidden to throw airtight containers, flammable materials and objects with water into the furnace to prevent injury to people.

5. The operator must wear protective goggles when slagging within a safe range from the furnace mouth.

6. It is strictly forbidden to work with the back of the furnace mouth on the console.

7. Workers on the console must wear electrician shoes to prevent over-electricity, otherwise it is strictly forbidden to perform operations.

8. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the power distribution room. When electrical equipment fails, when the electrician repairs the power supply, it is necessary to find out whether the relevant part is operated by someone, and then the power can be transmitted after confirmation.

9. Maintenance of induction melting furnace. When repairing or tapping during the work process, the power must be cut off, and live work is strictly prohibited.

10. When tapping, no one is allowed to do any work in the tapping pit.

11. When sampling, it must be stable, no molten steel should be splashed, and excess molten steel should be poured back into the furnace. The sample can be demolded after solidification.

12. The circulating water should be checked frequently to see if it is unblocked, and the power can be switched on after confirmation. When replacing the water pipe, prevent hot water from scalding.

13. During work, go down to the bottom of the furnace to tighten the yoke screws every 3 days. The yoke screws must be tightened, otherwise the furnace is not allowed to open. Check the furnace lining frequently, and immediately cut off the power if you find signs of burning through the furnace wall. , Carry out emergency treatment, or restart the furnace. The upper mouth of the furnace lining protrudes more than 50mm, and it is necessary to observe whether there are obvious breaks on the inner wall of the furnace lining. If there are breaks, it needs to be refurbished. The yoke screws must be tightened every time the furnace lining is refurbished.

14. All tools should be stored in an orderly manner, and check whether they are in good condition before use.

15. Water cups, buckets and other sundries are not allowed to be placed on the console, and should be kept clean and unblocked.

16. When the platform forklift driver is driving, he must check whether there are people or debris around before starting. The speed of the vehicle must be slow and fast driving is strictly prohibited.

17. Before feeding, make a final check in the hopper. When there are obvious suspicious objects, take them out and make a careful record.