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What are the common problems of chiller refrigerants?

What are the common problems of chiller refrigerants?

1. The problem of refrigeration lubricating oil.

Will refrigerant oil problems cause refrigerant leakage? of course! why? The refrigerating lubricating oil not only has the effect of lubricating the working chamber of the refrigerator compressor, but also plays the role of generating an oil film and preventing the leakage of the refrigerant. If the refrigerating lubricating oil cannot form an oil film, the refrigerant may leak. To select the appropriate freezer refrigeration oil.

2. The refrigerant pipeline is damaged.

Broken refrigerant pipes are also a common cause of refrigerant problems. After the damage, the pipeline will leak, and once the leak occurs, the refrigerator system will be completely unable to operate normally.

The lack of refrigerant is actually very easy to distinguish. Its performance characteristics are: the load of the compressor increases. After the lack of refrigerant, the load of the compressor will increase. Once the noise and vibration of the compressor become large, it means that the compressor is compressed. The load on the machine increases.

3. Too wet.

The refrigerant needs to be kept dry, which is the purpose of the filter drier. You can observe whether the refrigerant is wet or not through the liquid crystal of the refrigerant. Once a problem occurs, the filter drier needs to be replaced immediately.

Of course, the refrigerant also needs to be kept pure – during operation, the refrigerant will cause foreign matter and impurities to enter due to the circulation in the refrigerator system. When the refrigerant mixed with various impurities is compressed, its cooling effect will be greatly reduced. !