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The importance of using refrigeration lubricants in chillers

The importance of using refrigeration lubricants in chillers

First, the refrigeration oil must be special.

Refrigeration lubricating oil must be special purpose. The lubricating work required for refrigeration lubricating oil is not simple lubrication, but also to help the normal operation of the compressor. Refrigerated lubricating oil can not only improve the working efficiency of the compressor, reduce wear and temperature, but also prevent the refrigerant from leaking from the compressor working chamber. Compression, otherwise, the refrigerant compression effect will not be satisfactory.

Secondly, refrigerated lubricating oil can reduce the heat of the refrigerant!

In addition to ensuring that the temperature of the compressor of the chiller is not too high and reducing the wear of compressor components, the refrigerated lubricating oil will be compressed by the compressor together with the refrigerant in the working chamber, and the refrigerant will be compressed at high temperature and high pressure. The oil and the refrigerant are fused and compressed together, which can reduce the temperature of the refrigerant, thereby reducing the pressure of the next process – condensation, and preventing the refrigerant from being discharged into the outlet pipe by the compressor exhaust port and reaching the condenser. High, reduce the condensation pressure of the condenser and improve the condensation effect.

In addition, refrigerated lubricating oil increases the life of the compressor and reduces its operating noise.

Refrigerated lubricating oil can avoid problems such as excessive wear and high temperature of compressor components. In this case, of course, it can improve the life of the compressor. In addition, due to the effects of refrigeration lubricating oil, the working noise of the compressor of the chiller is also reduced. Naturally it will drop a lot! And if you find that the cold water increases the noise of the compressor, then you can judge that the compressor is either overloaded or lacks lubricating oil. You should add lubricating oil to the compressor of the chiller in time.