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Camshaft induction hardening complete equipment and layout

Camshaft induction hardening complete equipment and layout

Alloy cast iron camshaft full-automatic induction hardening equipment is used to quench eight cams and one eccentric wheel of alloy cast iron camshafts. It consists of four parts:

Thyristor type intermediate frequency power supply (200kW, 10kHz).

1. The quenching machine is composed of a heating station and a quenching mechanism. For quenching transformer (10kHz), the primary side/secondary side turns ratio is (10~22)/6, and 13 kinds of turns can be adjusted from 10-22 turns on the primary side. The quenching mechanism consists of a frame, a V-shaped bracket, a movable rod, a sliding table with a top, etc. The inductors are 9 inductors connected in series on an axis.

2. PAG quenching cooling medium with a quenching tank volume of L5m3, with a 6kW tubular electric heater inside, and a heat exchanger and water pump outside. The water pump sends the quenching cooling medium to the heat exchanger to exchange heat with industrial water, which is controlled by a temperature control valve. A conveyor chain plate can be installed in the quenching tank to lift the hardened camshaft from the tank to the next process.

3. Demineralized water circulation device. The device is installed on a small platform with an area of ​​4m? and a height of 3m from the ground. There is a stainless steel softened water tank with a capacity of 0.6m3, a water pump with a flow rate of 12m3/h and a head of 20m, a heat exchanger, and temperature control. Components and so on. The cooling water is mainly supplied with variable frequency power (flow ^6.4m3/h), quenching transformer, capacitor, and inductor.

All overhead pipelines are made of H80 copper pipes. The plane layout of the complete set of camshaft induction hardening equipment is shown in Figure 8-4, and the total area is about 50m2o.