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Excellent performance of mica tape

Excellent performance of mica tape

As the main raw material of fire-resistant cables, mica tape should have its product standards. The technical conditions for the specified performance indicators and test methods of mica tape products fully reflect the objective and practical needs. It is necessary for the electrical performance of mica tape to be assessed at the same time by the two indicators of insulation resistance value and withstand voltage at high temperature. Due to the large variety of fire-resistant cables, the entire insulation system (including conductor-to-conductor and conductor-to-shielding systems) ) There are certain requirements. When the insulation resistance drops to a certain value, even if there is no insulation breakdown, the entire circuit system will lose its normal operation function. For the quality of fire-resistant cables, the quality of mica tape is the key to its “fire-resistant” function.

Mica tape has excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance. Mica tape has good flexibility under normal conditions and is suitable for the main fire-resistant insulation layer of various fire-resistant wires and cables. Since mica tape uses organic silicone adhesive paint with excellent performance as the adhesive, there is basically no harmful smoke volatilization when it is burned in an open flame. Therefore, mica tape is not only effective for fire-resistant wires and cables, but also very safe.


mica tape can meet some of the insulation requirements of high-voltage motors, so it is widely used. With the increase of the voltage level of the motor, the continuous improvement of the capacity and the continuous development of high performance, the requirements for the insulation of the motor are also continuously improved, and the research on the corresponding insulation materials is also underway. The mica tape is made of mica paper as the raw material, and the double-sided or single-sided are respectively made of electrician alkali-free glass cloth and polyester film or polyimide film or corona-resistant film as reinforcing materials through a special process. According to the structure, it is divided into: double-sided tape, single-sided tape, three-in-one tape, double film tape, single film tape, etc. According to mica, it can be divided into: synthetic mica tape, phlogopite tape, and muscovite tape.


A fire can happen anywhere, but when a fire occurs in a place with a large population and high safety requirements, it is very important to ensure that the power and information cables maintain normal operation for sufficient time, otherwise it will cause great harm. Therefore, fireproof cables produced with mica tape are widely used in the following places: oil drilling platforms, high-rise buildings, large power stations, subways, important industrial and mining enterprises, computer centers, aerospace centers, communication information centers, military facilities, and important industrial and mining enterprises Related to fire safety and fire rescue. Mica tape has excellent performance and convenient use and has become a material for fire-resistant cables.