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Precautions for the use of box-type resistance furnace

Precautions for the use of box-type resistance furnace

1. The box-type resistance furnace should be placed on a horizontal platform, the platform should be flat, no chemical reagents and flammable and explosive materials should be stored around, and the equipment should be well insulated.

2. The box-type resistance furnace adopts three-phase four-wire (3L+N), where N is the working zero line. If the power supply has leakage protection and N is the ground wire, it will cause leakage protection and trip.

3. The box-type resistance furnace should use a special switch to control the power supply. Before use, check whether the box-type resistance furnace’s power supply voltage, power, configuration power, fuse, switch, etc. match the current, voltage, and rated power, and connect it well Ground wire.

4. When the phase-view resistance furnace is burning or melting, it is necessary to control the heating rate and temperature according to the operating conditions of the sample to prevent the sample from splashing, corroding or sticking to the furnace. If burning organic matter, filter paper, etc., it must be carbonized in advance.

5. When the box-type resistance furnace is used, someone needs to check it nearby, and the temperature and time settings must comply with the specifications. The heating and cooling of the equipment should be carried out slowly and used within the normal operating temperature range.

6. After the burning is completed, the power supply should be disconnected first. It is not easy to open the furnace door immediately to prevent rapid cold. In normal use, you can open the furnace door a little bit to let it cool down quickly. When the temperature drops to about 200 degrees Celsius, open the furnace door completely, and use long-handled crucible tongs to remove the burned objects.