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What is the difference between fiberglass rods and fiberglass rods for induction heating furnaces?

What is the difference between fiberglass rods and fiberglass rods for induction heating furnaces?

Fiberglass rod is a pultruded fiberglass composite material, which is a thermosetting plastic ductile material formed by continuous fiberglass roving and epoxy resin under the traction belt of a hot extrusion molding machine.

The resin-rich layer on the surface gives it excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, high compressive strength, good ductility, stable specifications and high precision. In addition, it has excellent characteristics such as insulation, non-thermal conductivity, flame retardant, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance, so it is an excellent product to replace steel and other materials in engineering projects with corrosive natural environment.

And it is widely used in: fiber optic cable lifting core, fitness equipment products, flagpoles, awning poles, outdoor tent poles, grain machine screw rods, Roman poles, traffic sign poles, exhaust fan columns, vehicle antennas, engineering construction, bridge reinforcement, Mechanical equipment rotating shaft, golf club, courtyard fence, paper kite frame, aluminum film balloon frame, folding umbrella frame, support frame blanket frame, model aircraft frame, luggage leather frame, fishing gear accessories, etc.

fiberglass rod

The glass fiber rod is a composite material that uses glass fiber and products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the improvement material and resin material as the conventional material. The definition of composite material means that a material cannot be considered for application regulations, and it must be compounded by two or more materials to form another material that can be considered for everyone’s regulations, that is, composite materials.

For example, a single type of glass fiber, despite its high compressive strength, is loose among chemical fibers. It can only bear the tensile force, but cannot bear the bending, cutting and compressive stress, and it is not easy to make a fixed Geometric shape, is soft body.

If they are glued together with a resin material, a variety of solid products with a fixed shape can be made, which can bear not only tensile stress, but also bending, shrinking and shearing stress. This constitutes a glass fiber enhanced plastic matrix composite.