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How to choose the induction heating furnace that suits you

How to choose the induction heating furnace that suits you

1. Metal materials that can be heated by induction heating furnaces

This induction heating furnace can heat metal materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc. It can be heated to a forging temperature of 1200 degrees, and can also be heated to a metal melting temperature of 700 degrees—1700 degrees.

2. How to choose the induction heating furnace model that suits you:

The model of the power supply part of the induction heating furnace is: KGPS–power/frequency

It is used for forging heating or metal quenching and tempering heating. The furnace body model of the induction heating furnace is: GTR-blank specification

When used for casting and smelting, the induction heating furnace body model is: GW–melting furnace body tonnage

3. Features of induction heating furnace:

3.1. The heating speed is fast. Due to the electromagnetic induction of the metal, an eddy current is generated, and the electrons flow inside the metal to generate heat.

3.2. The heating temperature is uniform, and the induction heating makes the electrons flow inside the metal, so the metal billet generates even heat in the induction coil of the induction heating furnace.

3.3. Energy saving and environmental protection, the heating billet is heated by itself, unlike radiant heating such as coal burning, gas burning, resistance wire, etc., so no smoke and dust will be generated, and the induction heating furnace is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

3.4. Less oxidative burning loss is also a major feature. The heating speed is fast and the surrounding oxidation is less. The metal blank has less burning loss during the heating process, and the oxidative burning loss can be reduced to less than 0.25%.

3.5. How to choose an induction heating furnace that suits you is conducive to intelligent heating production lines. In the current construction of smart factories, induction heating furnaces play a very important role.

4. Selection of the metal frequency heated by the automatic heating induction heating furnace: the heating frequency is directly related to the electrical efficiency and needs to be selected correctly. Please refer to the table below:

Frequency (Hz) 300 500 1000 2500 4000 6000 8000 1000-15000 15000
Cylinder diameter (mm) 160 70-160 55-120 35-80 30-50 20-35 15-40 10-15 <10
Sheet Thickness (mm) 160 65-160 45-80 25-60 20-50 20-30 12-40 9–13 9