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What are the characteristics of the muffle furnace product

What are the characteristics of the muffle furnace product

Muffle furnace is a universal heating equipment. According to the appearance and shape, it can be divided into box furnace and tube furnace. How to correctly judge the quality of the furnace can be judged from some of its characteristics. Usually in China, the common names are as follows: electric furnace, resistance furnace, and Maofu furnace. Common product features are as follows:

1. The muffle furnace body and intelligent controller are separated in design, which is beautiful and generous. The furnace door adopts a side-opening design.

2. Adopting heating elements with lining plates on both sides, easy to replace the furnace wire, using imported ultra-high temperature heating element, the oxidation resistance is more excellent, and the service life is greatly increased.

3. The muffle furnace adopts ceramic fiber heat insulation, which greatly improves the heating speed and reduces the heat energy consumption. Compared with the traditional furnace, the weight is reduced by 1/2, the heating speed is doubled, and the energy is greatly saved, and the service life is increased by 3.5 times. ; Good heat preservation effect, low surface temperature of the furnace.

4. The muffle furnace produced by Huarong adopts a good temperature control instrument, a new digital display, a digital set temperature, and an intelligent control output, which can reduce visual reading and human operation errors and greatly improve work efficiency.

5. It is equipped with a variety of protection devices to improve safety and reliability.

6.Independent control system, convenient for maintenance and replacement.

7. There are vent holes on the furnace body of the high-temperature muffle furnace (gas protection inlet and exhaust vents can be added according to user requirements).

8. Because the high-temperature electric furnace is a non-standard furnace, other specifications can be customized according to user needs. Box-type resistance furnaces, tube furnaces, pit furnaces, box furnaces, etc. of various non-standard parts.