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Why is mica board easy to age after long-term use?

Why is mica board easy to age after long-term use?

The irreversible degradation of mica board performance over time during use or storage, and the reliability of the operation of electrical equipment are largely determined by the aging characteristics of the insulating material.

According to statistics, the failure rate of electrical equipment has an obvious relationship with the use time of insulating materials, and the related curve is called the bathtub curve.

Three areas in the curve:

1. The early failure area is generally caused by defects in the material texture or subsequent manufacturing process;

2. Random failure zone, mainly due to abnormal conditions in operation;

3. It is the failure area caused by aging, and the failure rate increases with the increase of use time.

From the above conclusions, it can be known that after a certain period of use, the actual parameters of the insulating material are weakened.