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What are the structural characteristics of the muffle furnace

What are the structural characteristics of the muffle furnace

In some production tests, everyone knows that the muffle furnace is mainly used for experiments. It is mostly used for quantitative analysis of sintering and ashing tests. It is a kind of intermittent resistance furnace. Nowadays, it is used in experiments and small batch production in universities, colleges, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. The structural features are as follows:

1. The muffle furnace adopts silicon carbide inner lining and full fiber insulation layer.

2. The muffle furnace hearth material is made of ceramic fiber, with small heat capacity, fast heating (the set temperature can be reached in 30 minutes), short cycle, and energy saving (the energy saving effect is more than 80 of the ordinary old electric furnace).

3. Using the intelligent digital display programmable temperature control meter, it can compile multi-stage temperature rising, keeping and cooling curves, automatic heating, heat preservation, cooling and over-temperature protection, and automatically stop at the end of the program, no need to be on duty.

4. The heating element of the muffle furnace uses high-temperature resistance wire and is placed on the furnace wall in a shallow buried manner to form a heating plate, which is convenient and safe to use.

5. It can be configured with programmable temperature control instrument and RS485 interface can be configured to realize remote control and data collection of electric furnace. Or configure a circular chart adjustment recorder to track and record the heat treatment process.

The high-temperature muffle furnace adopts natural air heat insulation type, which is light and easy to handle. The heating speed is fast, and it only takes about 30 minutes to rise to 1100°C. The furnace is heated by radiation on both sides, and the temperature is evenly distributed. Imported high temperature resistant ceramic wool insulation and ceramic board, high aluminum wool triple insulation. The interior is made of high-temperature resistant ceramic plates, which are not easy to deform, and the exterior is galvanized and high-temperature baking paint is beautiful, and the paint is not easy to fall off.