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Maintenance and overhaul of induction melting furnace

Maintenance and overhaul of induction melting furnace

Reasonable use, correct operation and meticulous maintenance are important guarantees for the safe operation of induction melting furnaces and avoiding failures. In the continuous operation of the production line, the equipment must be well maintained.

Frequently eliminate the dust in the power distribution cabinet, especially the intermediate frequency power cabinet should be cleaned up.

Frequently check whether the water pipes are tightly tied and remove the scale on the inner wall of the cooling water pipes in time to ensure sufficient water flow. The aging and cracked water pipes must be replaced in time. The dirt in the cooling pool must be removed in time to avoid clogging the water pipes.

The device shall be inspected and repaired regularly, and the bolts and nut connections of each part of the device shall be inspected and tightened regularly.

Check the water pressure gauge regularly.

Frequently check whether the tank circuit wiring is in good condition and whether the insulation is reliable. The tank circuit of the intermediate frequency power supply is prone to faults such as “short circuit” and “discharge” due to the harsh working environment. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance of bus harnesses, water-cooled cables, sensors, etc. is an important part of ensuring the safe operation of the system.