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What to pay attention to when using box-type resistance furnace

What to pay attention to when using box-type resistance furnace

The high temperature of the box-type resistance furnace can reach 1800 degrees. You can imagine that such a high temperature will definitely cause a lot of safety hazards in use. Today, I will inform all users about the precautions for the use of the stove. What are the specific use notes? Please see the following:

1. The new box-type resistance furnace should be selected and fixed before being easily moved. Insert the thermocouple rod into the furnace from the hole on the back of the furnace, and connect the pyrometer (millivoltmeter) with a special wire. Be careful not to connect the positive and negative poles wrongly, so as to prevent the pointer on the millivoltmeter from being reversed and damaged.

2. Find out the power supply voltage required for the box furnace, or connect the adjustable transformer connector to make the power supply voltage match the voltage required by the electric furnace, and connect the ground wire to avoid danger.

3. Move the varistor handle to the low temperature (about 1/4 position) after 15 minutes, then to the middle position (about 1/2 position), 15 to 30 minutes later, to the high temperature. In this way, the temperature can be raised to 1000°C in 70 to 90 minutes. If 1000°C is not needed, when the temperature rises to the required temperature, the handle of the varistor can be retracted to the middle temperature, and then the automatic control knob can be adjusted to the disconnection point to maintain the constant temperature. It should be noted that when the high temperature is rising, the rheostat cannot be adjusted to the maximum at a time, and the temperature should be gradually increased in stages.

4. After the burning material has been burned to meet the requirements, pull down the switch first, but do not open the furnace door immediately, as the rabbit hearth is suddenly cold and broken. Wait until the temperature drops below 200°C (or even lower) before opening the door and using long-handled crucible tongs to take out the sample.

5. Do not vibrate the box-type resistance furnace violently, because the furnace wire is oxidized after being red hot, and it is very brittle. At the same time, do not expose the electric furnace to moisture to avoid leakage.

6 An insulating asbestos board should be placed under the base to prevent the surface from being damaged by overheating and causing fire. Do not use high-temperature electric stoves when no one is present at night.

7. Box-type resistance furnaces without automatic control should be taken care of from time to time to prevent the temperature from rising too high, which may burn the furnace wire or cause a fire.

8. When the box-type resistance furnace is not used, the switch should be pulled down to cut off the power, and the furnace door should be closed to prevent the refractory material from being corroded by moisture.