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Heat treatment annealing process

Heat treatment annealing process

Annealing process

Annealing is a heat treatment process in which metals and alloys are heated to an appropriate temperature, kept for a certain period of time, and then slowly cooled. After annealing, the hypoeutectoid steel is ferrite and flaky pearlite; the eutectoid steel or hypereutectoid steel is granular pearlite. In short, the annealed structure is a structure close to the equilibrium state.

Purpose of annealing

①Reduce the hardness of steel and improve the plasticity to facilitate cutting and cold deformation.

② Refine the grain, eliminate the structural defects caused by casting, forging and welding, uniformize the structure and composition of the steel, improve the performance of the steel or prepare the structure for the subsequent heat treatment.

③ Eliminate the internal stress in the steel to prevent deformation and cracking.