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How much is 1 ton of refractory castable?

How much is 1 ton of refractory castable?

How much is the castable per ton? This is a question that customers are more concerned about and often consult the castable manufacturer. There are many types of castables, which are unshaped refractory materials in refractories. There are many kinds of raw materials, and the prices of products vary greatly. The following editor collects some related content about the price of castables, and friends who are interested can understand Down.

According to the different parts and purposes of each kiln, castables are divided into many types. High-strength wear-resistant castables are reinforced by corundum, steel fiber, and steel fiber; high-temperature-resistant castables include tap ditch and ladle; and heat-insulating light-weight and heat-insulating castables.


castable, also known as refractory castable, is a kind of granular and powdery material made of refractory material added amount of binder. It has high fluidity and is an unshaped refractory material formed by casting. Compared with other unshaped refractory materials, the binder and moisture content are higher, and the fluidity is better. Therefore, the castable has a wide range of applications. The materials and binders used can be selected according to the conditions of use. It can be directly poured into a lining for use, or it can be used as a prefabricated block by pouring or tapping.

The production cycle of refractory castables is generally shorter than that of refractory bricks of the same material, so the sales of refractory castables are very large, so how much the castable is a ton has become a very important issue, but we cannot blindly pursue it. Low price and quality are the goal of the refractory industry. The castable has very high requirements for the formulation, the particle size is reasonable, and the type and amount of additives have a very obvious impact on the castable. The construction of the castable and the oven must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, so as to ensure the service life of the castable.


Due to a series of objective factors such as construction environment and project progress, some additives or other materials can be added to the castable to meet the requirements. For example, heat-resistant steel fibers can be added to the castable to enhance the strength of the castable. Some accelerators can be added to speed up the initial setting time of the castable. In the electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloy industries, castables need to add some materials resistant to aluminum water erosion to extend the use time of the castables. After some materials such as nitrides are added to the castables, the non-stick performance of the castables is greatly improved.

With the development of refractory materials, castables with various outstanding properties have been developed and promoted. If you need castables, you can contact our manufacturer for detailed quotation