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Correct construction method of refractory castable

Correct construction method of refractory castable

Nowadays, lightweight refractory materials have been widely adopted by the majority of users, and the application of heat-insulating refractory materials has developed to the aspect of unshaped light-weight heat-insulating refractory materials. So how to use refractory castables correctly in daily operations? Today I will take you to understand:

1. The refractory castable is mainly mixed by a mixer in actual operation, and manual mixing is forbidden. When there is no alternative, manual mixing shall be adopted. But to clean the ground, the castable should be added with a coagulant. The amount of coagulant is 3%. If it is on site, you can add 5% to mix evenly and then add 8% PA80 glue for quick mixing and quick use, ensuring that it can be used within 10 minutes over.


2. Before pouring, first coat the anchor solid with a layer of asphalt and paint. When the pouring thickness is within 250mm, it should be poured to the specified thickness at one time, and vibrate until it is fully compacted.

3. Use a mixer to mix the castable, pour the castable into the mixer first, and add 5-3% of the condensate. Adjust according to the hardening time. Generally, when the temperature is ≤25℃ in autumn, you can add 5%. For example, when the temperature of the part to be constructed is ≥30℃, you can add 3%. Pour to the specified position until completion.

4. When casting light-weight and high-temperature resistant castables, it is necessary to test the quality of the ladle and the number of load-bearing times for many times. Whether it is a crane high-temperature castable ladle or a portable ladle, check it every 2 months 1 Second, check the important parts for cracks, deformation, swelling, etc.

5. The mold must be cleaned before the inch mold, and the mold must be coated with a layer of oil during the inch mold.

The above is the correct method of refractory castable construction, I hope it will be helpful to you when using this refractory castable equipment.