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The importance of maintenance and maintenance of induction melting furnace

The importance of maintenance and maintenance of induction melting furnace

The maintenance and maintenance of induction melting furnace is very important in production. It can discover various hidden dangers in time, avoid major accidents, extend service life, ensure production safety, improve casting quality, and reduce costs. Regularly record the relevant electrical parameters, cooling water temperature and the temperature of key parts of the furnace body (such as the bottom of the furnace, the side of the furnace, the copper bar of the induction shell, etc.), and the use of the electric furnace can be monitored at any time. Start the diesel electric generator regularly to ensure its reliable operation.

1. Carry out regular maintenance, lubrication and tightening of the electric furnace according to the stipulated time (for example, use anhydrous compressed air to systematically remove dust from the sense ring, copper bar, electric control cabinet, etc., lubricate the lubricated parts, and tighten the bolts).

2. Observe the water pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and check the aging degree of the hose; regularly check the flow of each cooling water branch to ensure that the pipeline is not blocked and the pipe joints do not leak, especially the cooling water joints in the solid power cabinet. Water leakage is not allowed. If you find water leakage, you can tighten or replace the clamp of the pipe joint; regularly check the water in the water tower spray pool, the expansion tank, the power cabinet, and the water tank, and replenish it in time; check the standby pump frequently Condition, use the standby pump every 3-5d to ensure that the standby pump runs absolutely reliable.

3. Check if the capacitor is leaking oil. If oil leaks at the capacitor terminal, use a wrench to tighten the nut at the bottom of the terminal. 4. Mid-term maintenance. Grind the AC inlet side porcelain insulators and brackets with ethanol, the diode brackets of the rectifier part, the capacitor porcelain insulators, the main contact part of the IGBT (silicon controlled silicon), the inverter and intermediate frequency AC copper bars, etc.; replace the aging water pipes of the electrical cabinet , Dredge the bottleneck of the water nozzle, (IGBT) thyristor water cooling block, replace the AC copper bus insulation board, individual capacitors, etc.