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How to adjust the steel tube induction heating furnace bracket and roller table?

How to adjust the steel tube induction heating furnace bracket and roller table?

1. A total of 6 steel pipe induction heating furnace brackets are installed between the roller tables for the installation of inductors.

2. In order to prevent the bracket from being heated, the bottom plate of the sensor and the top plate of the bracket are made of epoxy board.

3. For steel pipes of different diameters, the corresponding sensor needs to be replaced and the center height can be adjusted.

4. The bolt hole of the sensor is made into a long strip hole for easy adjustment.

5. The center height of the sensor can be adjusted by the stud nut in the sensor mounting plate.

6. The two connecting copper bars at the bottom of the inductor and the water-cooled cable from the capacitor cabinet are each connected with 4 stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) bolts.

7. The water inlet and outlet pipes of the sensor and the main water pipe are connected by quick-change joints and hoses, which are not affected by their position errors, so the sensor waterway can be quickly connected.

8. The sensors can be replaced quickly, each replacement time is less than 10 minutes, and a mobile trolley is equipped for the replacement of the sensors.

9. The steel tube induction heating furnace is designed with a fixed bracket that can be adjusted up and down. Through the adjustment of the manual worm gear lifter, it is possible to realize that the center lines of the heating furnaces of different specifications are at the same height. It can effectively ensure that the steel pipe smoothly passes through the inductor without hitting the furnace body. The adjustment range of this device is ±50, suitable for φ95-φ130 steel pipes.