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Steel tube reheating furnace

Steel tube reheating furnace

Steel pipe heating is often encountered in steel pipe processing, such as hot rolling of steel pipes, thermal expansion of steel pipes, heating of steel pipes, bending of steel pipes, thermal spraying of steel pipes, anti-corrosion treatment of steel pipes and heating of oil pipelines, etc. These heating of steel pipes It is inseparable from the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment. In the intermediate frequency heating process of these steel pipes, the heating temperature, heating speed, heating power and heating frequency of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment are all key parameters.

This steel pipe secondary heating furnace is controlled by an intermediate frequency IGBT air-cooled induction heating power supply, controlled by an infrared thermometer, and non-contact intermediate frequency heating makes the steel pipe heating more uniform.

2. In addition, the steel tube secondary heating furnace adopts closed-loop control, which has fast heating speed and high production efficiency. All the water pipes of the furnace body of the intermediate frequency heating furnace are made of stainless steel pipes, which avoids rusting and scaling of water, greatly improves the cooling effect and increases the service life.

3. The steel pipe heating furnace adopts the man-machine interface control system, and the full touch screen controls the production of the whole set of induction heat treatment equipment.

4. High temperature control precision, automatic intelligent control.

5. The steel pipe secondary heating furnace has no pollution, low energy consumption, no cracks in the processed steel pipe, and the linear requirements of toughness and tensile strength meet customer satisfaction.

6. The intermediate frequency heating system of steel pipe, the transmission mechanism is controlled by independent drive, pneumatic automatic control, and segment speed control. Powerful management system, after selecting the parameters of the type of steel pipe to be produced, the relevant parameters will be automatically called.

7. The equipment adopts closed cooling tower for cooling and energy saving.