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How to choose steel pipe heating spraying equipment?

How to choose steel pipe heating spraying equipment?

A. Steel pipe heating pretreatment:

First, sandblast the surface to be coated on the inner wall of the steel pipe to make it rust-free, oil-free and dust-free before heating.

B. The process of steel pipe heating and spraying is as follows:

1) After sandblasting, the steel pipe is removed from the sandblasting machine and placed on the “storage platform”. “1# Pipe Turner” moves the steel pipe to “1# Steel Pipe Conveyor Roller”.

2) The “steel pipe conveying roller” transfers the steel pipe to the entrance of the “steel pipe heating medium frequency heating furnace”, and the “steel pipe conveying roller” stops. “2# Turner” lifts the steel pipe from the “steel pipe conveying roller”, and rolls the steel pipe to the head of the “preheating conveying chain” by the slope slide. bit. Make the steel pipe successively enter the “steel pipe heating intermediate frequency heating furnace” for heating.

3) The steel pipe heated to the preheating temperature is taken out by the “pipe taker” and transferred to the spraying station for spraying.

4) Under the action of the cylinder, the “pipe taker” lifts up to an angle, and at the same time holds up the preheated steel pipe and the sprayed steel pipe. After it is separated from the “preheating conveyor chain” and “spraying rotary roller” respectively, the “pipe taking chain” rotates. After the steel pipe is moved into position, the cylinder returns.

5) The “curing conveyor chain” rotates, and the steel pipe is transferred to the “curing oven” for curing. At the same time, after the solidified steel pipe comes out of the oven, it is turned into the “2# steel pipe conveying roller” by gravity. Transfer the steel pipe to the finished product inspection area.

6) “Spray gun walking” forward, and put the spray gun into the steel pipe. Stop when the “gun” travels to the other end of the pipe. Then the “spray gun” goes back, the “powder feeder” works, and the “powder pump” works. When the “spray gun” exits the steel pipe, the “spray gun”, “powder feeder” and “powder pump” will stop working.

7) Return to the first step and repeat the cycle.