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How to make an inductor for an induction heating furnace?

How to make an inductor for an induction heating furnace?

The heating inductor of the induction heating furnace is composed of a coil, a fixed frame, a water and electricity introduction system, a water-cooled feed rail, etc.

1) Induction coil

The induction coil should be fired with a 99.9% pure oxygen-free copper rectangular thick-walled pipe, the pipe wall thickness is uniform, the water and electricity joints are sturdy and durable, and it is easy to disassemble.

2) The copper tube of the sensor is made of red copper T2, with an external dimension of 20mm*30mm and a wall thickness of 3mm.

3) Sensor design:

The dielectric strength of the inductor is applied to the rated voltage plus 1000V without breakdown and flicker. The surface coating is silicone enamel 167, and the insulation resistance is not less than 0.5M when the rated voltage is below 1000V; when the rated voltage is above 1000V, not less than 1M. It is produced in strict accordance with the technological requirements of the sensor.

4) Inductor lining

The surface of the coil is sprayed with a layer of high-strength insulating resin, and the inner, outer walls and turns of the induction coil are coated with special furnace materials (including a dozen materials such as corundum, capacitor magnesia, etc., with a refractoriness of 1600°C), which can greatly extend the inductor The service life of the machine can reduce the maintenance investment in the later period. Because the refractory mortar has a high degree of insulation and heat insulation, it protects the induction coil from damage when the inner lining is damaged.

5) Sensor package

The outside of the sensor is encapsulated with a 6mm thick epoxy resin board, and the end material is a fire-resistant asbestos board and is installed with a water-cooled copper plate to prevent the magnetic line of force from being pulled.