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Preparation and inspection of metal melting furnace before opening

Preparation and inspection of metal melting furnace before opening

1. Whether the water gauge pressure indicator is normal to determine the cooling water pressure;

2. Check whether the cooling water tank is blocked or not;

3. Check whether the cooling water pipe joints of SCR tubes, capacitors, filter reactors and water-cooled cables are corroded or leaked;

4. Check whether the inlet water temperature meets the requirements;

5. Whether there are attachments (such as conductive dust, residual iron, etc.) on the outside surface, gate, and bottom of the induction coil. If it is blown off with compressed air;

6. Whether there are cracks at the junction of the furnace lining and the tap hole in the furnace lining, the cracks above 3mm should be filled with the furnace lining material for repair, and whether the furnace lining at the bottom and the slag line is locally corroded or thinned;

7. Check whether there is heat and discoloration caused by poor contact in the copper bar wire joints of the main circuit, and if so, tighten the screws;

8. Check whether the instrument indication on the control instrument indication panel in the cabinet is normal;

9. Check whether the leaking furnace alarm device is normal and whether the indicating current is within a certain value;

10. Trial run the oil pump to check whether the hydraulic system oil level, pressure, leakage, tilting furnace and furnace cover cylinders are smooth, normal and flexible;

11. Whether there is debris (magnetic substance) in the furnace bottom pit, it will generate heat if it is not cleaned;

12. Whether there is water or dampness in the molten iron furnace pit, if there is, it should be eliminated and dried;