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Safe operation method of metal melting furnace

Safe operation method of metal melting furnace

(1) Preparation and inspection before smelting

①The equipment must be inspected in detail. Check the shift record and report the problem in time. Do not open the furnace without treatment.

②Check whether the instruments of the three major electrical, hydraulic and cooling water systems are in good condition.

③Check whether there is any discoloration, sintering, or looseness at the connections of the busbar, water-cooled cable, and electrical components.

④Check if there is any leakage in the hydraulic and cooling water circuit. If there is any problem, it should be solved immediately, and the cooling water should be made up when the cooling water is insufficient.

⑤Check whether the safety protection device of the equipment is intact.

⑥ Check that the protective shielding, insulating materials and other protective devices are in place.

⑦Check whether the related equipment of the metal melting furnace is in good condition.

(2) Operation steps in smelting

①Confirm that the equipment is safe and normal, and smelt in accordance with the specified “metal melting furnace explosion smelting process”.

②The main power supply in the control room of the metal melting furnace supplies power to the metal melting furnace.

③Start the cooling water pump of the VIP power supply and the cooling water pump of the furnace body. Check that there is no leakage in the water and oil circuits, and the pressure gauge display should be normal.

④Start the corresponding control according to the actual situation of the outdoor cooling tower.

⑤Send high-voltage power supply in accordance with high-voltage power transmission operation regulations.

⑥Select the main power supply of the metal melting furnace according to actual needs. That is, turn on the VIP control power key switch, select the isolation switch and close it, and then close the circuit breaker switch of the main circuit.

⑦Press the red stop button to reset the AC interrupter.

⑧ Check and test the protective device of the ground leakage detector should be intact.

⑨Select the smelting control mode of the metal melting furnace, start the high-frequency control switch, and adjust the control knob to the appropriate power for smelting.

(3) Operation steps of smelting stop

①Turn the control knob to zero and turn off the high frequency control switch.

②Start the timing switch of the water pump, and the time setting should be greater than 8h.

③Turn off the two circuit breaker switches of the main circuit, turn off the key switch of the VIP control power supply, and remove it


④ Turn off the isolation switch of the main circuit.

⑤Turn off the high voltage switch, and turn off the power supply of the equipment related to the metal melting furnace.

(4) Precautions for smelting

①The operator in front of the furnace must turn off the high-frequency control switch when slagging, temperature measurement, sampling, and out of the furnace.

② During smelting, there must be someone in front of the furnace to prevent abnormal situations in front of the furnace.

③In special circumstances such as power outages, immediately start the DC pump cooling system, and at the same time start the gasoline pump to pour out the molten iron. In the event that the DC pump is ineffective, activate the emergency water cooling system.

④The straight-through pump cooling system and the gasoline pump hydraulic system are tried out once a month, and the test results are recorded.

⑤After the smelting is finished, arrange all the tools, materials and raw materials, and clean up the work site.