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Life of refractory ramming material

Life of refractory ramming material

Energy-saving furnace lining refers to a kind of furnace lining that can save ineffective energy consumption. The energy consumption of the furnace lining during the operation of the industrial furnace is considerable. The use of energy-saving linings can greatly reduce this ineffective energy consumption.

Stable action

The material is based on the mixing of high-density quartz sand, adding part of fused silica, pre-phase-change processed quartz, high temperature resistant binder, anti-surge heat stabilizer, anti-seepage agent, anti-cracking agent and other composite micro-powder materials. It has the characteristics of strong anti-corrosion ability of molten iron, no cracking, slow loss, etc., successfully breaking through many shortcomings of traditional furnace lining materials.

Selected materials

High requirements for material quality, select materials to ensure high purity of materials and stable product quality.

temperature resistance

The temperature resistance needs to be suitable for the smelting degree of 1400℃-1780℃.

Convenient construction

This material is a pre-mixed dry ramming mixture. The content of sintering agent and mineralizer has been formulated according to the customer’s needs. The user does not need to equip the material, and can be directly put into use by dry vibrating or ramming.

furnace age

Under operating conditions, continuous use, smelting gray iron, pig iron, ductile iron and other cast iron raw materials, the normal furnace lining use times can reach more than 500 times; while the normal furnace lining life of normal carbon steel, high carbon steel, and high chromium steel can reach About 195 times, the lining life of traditional products can be increased by more than 50%.