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How should I keep the industrial chiller after it is cold?

How should I keep the industrial chiller after it is cold?

Different refrigerators have different storage methods. Air-cooled refrigerators are not actually needed. When the air-cooled refrigerators are not in use, they can directly clean out the chilled water, and then pay attention to dust prevention. The squeeze is basically enough. When it is used again in the coming year, directly add chilled water, check the various components, and then start the operation.

The most important thing is the water-cooled refrigerator. Compared with the air-cooled refrigerator, the storage of the water-cooled refrigerator is much more complicated. After the weather is cold, the water-cooled refrigerator should be cleaned first after shutting down. What is clean water? Clean water is to clean cooling water and chilled water, that is to say, whether it is cooling water or chilled water, it should be cleaned up after shutting down and before completely shutting down.

The purpose is to prevent the cooling water or chilled water from still staying in the refrigerator, affecting the pipes, components, water towers, etc. of the refrigerator, especially in winter, icing may occur, even in ordinary reservoirs or water tanks. , It may be affected by icing, and the pipes or parts of the refrigerator may crack and so on, so it needs to be cleaned.

Moreover, if it is not thoroughly cleaned, the water will breed various microorganisms and dirt in the equipment, causing unnecessary trouble in cleaning again, and even causing damage to the equipment, so it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

When the refrigerator is different for a long time, a certain degree of maintenance or inspection should also be carried out at intervals. When the initial shutdown is different, try to clean the condenser and evaporator and related parts that can be cleaned. After cleaning up, this will allow the refrigerator to operate normally even after a long period of non-use.