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Fault diagnosis of high frequency quenching machine tool

Fault diagnosis of high frequency quenching machine tool

The primary or secondary water flow of the transformer is not smooth or blocked, causing the winding to heat up, the primary insulation breakdown, and the primary and secondary short circuits are formed.

This kind of fault is easy to find from the burnt point of the winding or the leaking point, and then it can be judged by turning on the lamp or measuring the electric resistance of the multimeter.

(3) Elimination methods for high-frequency quenching machine tools

① Such as primary breakdown, it can be dealt with according to the method of short-circuit between turns.

②Such as the secondary failure, you can remove the secondary repair welding leakage, and then paint the red paint to be able to example 7 the sensor collides with the workpiece, the failure mostly occurs in the mechanical system, especially the rotating heating and quenching mechanism.

Repair the positioning fixture or design a circuit to prevent the sensor from colliding with the workpiece, so that it has the following functions:

① The collision before heating can not send the excitation, so the intermediate frequency generator can not generate voltage.

②If collision occurs during heating, immediately stop the excitation and cut off the intermediate frequency voltage.

Now more and more manufacturers have introduced quenching machine tools, and they will encounter various problems during operation. High-frequency hardening machine tool-induction heating is carried out under high current and high voltage. In the event of a failure, you should analyze the cause and prescribe the right medicine based on the failure phenomenon, and do not try and touch indiscriminately to avoid damage to the equipment. As for the method of analyzing the failure, we must first find out the true situation of the failure, determine what causes this situation, and then after searching, gradually narrow the suspicious scope, and then find the root cause for elimination.