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Will the high pressure of the chiller alarm? What’s the reason? How to solve?

Will the high pressure of the chiller alarm? What’s the reason? How to solve?

Basically, industrial chillers will be equipped with high and low pressure alarm devices. Not only will the high pressure alarm, but also when the low pressure occurs. Therefore, the chiller will definitely alarm when the high pressure occurs, and the high pressure alarm of the chiller will be certain. The reason is different, but the root cause of the problem should be found and then solved. You can also use the elimination method to solve the high-pressure alarm problem of the chiller.


First of all, the condenser is the top priority.

Since the condenser is the most common cause of high-pressure alarms during the operation of the chiller, when a high-pressure alarm occurs in the chiller, the condenser is often the first to be checked.

The condenser is divided into water-cooled and air-cooled. The condenser of the chiller is prone to scale problems, which will cause blockage, reduce and slow down the flow of cooling circulating water, and cause the condenser to fail to meet the normal condensation demand, which will cause the compressor to give a high-pressure alarm. .

Solution: Clean and clean the condenser.

Secondly, the evaporator.

Like the condenser, the evaporator is also prone to impurities, foreign matter, and scale problems. Since the “frozen water” used in the copper tube of the evaporator is water in the true sense, it is prone to scale problems. In fact, even the second Alcohol, as chilled water, will also cause impurities and foreign matter to enter due to recycling, so clogging may occur.

The solution is similar to the condenser. Of course, it is solved by cleaning, causing high-pressure alarm, or it may be caused by insufficient refrigerant.

The refrigerant is also the refrigerant. The chiller refrigerant will be missing to a certain extent during the continuous cycle operation, so it should be refilled in time. Although the missing amount is not large, it needs to be paid attention to after a long period of time.

Of course, it is also possible that the refrigerant is leaking, and the resulting refrigerant is insufficient. The leakage point should be found in time, and measures such as leaking should be taken. Finally, sufficient refrigerant should be added. In addition, the water-cooling and air-cooling systems cannot meet the heat dissipation requirements of the condenser. It will also cause compressor high pressure alarm.