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How to store mica board?

How to store mica board?

material preparation-paste-drying-pressing-inspection and repair-packaging

The storage, transfer and use of    mica board can be summarized as follows:

1. Avoid mechanical damage, humidity and direct sunlight during transportation and transportation.

2, the manufacturer is not responsible for quality problems caused by violation of the above regulations.

3. Before cutting and stamping the mica board, the workbench, molds and machines should be cleaned to prevent impurities such as iron filings and oil from polluting the mica board.

4. Storage temperature: It should be stored in a dry, clean warehouse with a temperature not exceeding 35℃, away from fire, heating and direct sunlight. If the temperature is lower than 10°C, it should be kept at 11-35°C for at least 24 hours before use.

5. Storage humidity: Please keep the relative humidity of the storage environment below 70% to prevent the soft mica board from getting wet.