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Neutral ramming material for induction furnace

Neutral ramming material for induction furnace

A. Preparation of the iron crucible mold: first clean the iron crucible mold, and brush a layer of graphite powder evenly stirred with engine oil or water on the surrounding area, and then let the iron crucible mold air dry naturally.

B. Induction furnace preparation: The temperature of the induction furnace must be lowered to below 50 before construction. The inner wall of the coil mortar must be cleaned, no residual materials or dust adhered, and no water is sprayed on the inner wall of the coil mortar.

C. Construction

C1 furnace bottom construction

C1.1 Stirring of neutral ramming material: first clean up the mixer, start the mixing motor, add the lining material (the addition amount does not exceed 2/3 of the mixer container), add 4-5% tap water and stir, the mixing time is 8— 10 minutes. Remarks: Judgment method of adding amount: Grab the mixed material by hand, it can form a mass without loosening.

C1.2 Furnace bottom construction: When pouring the furnace lining material evenly into the furnace bottom, add 100mm thick each time, use flat vibration to tamping the bottom material, and then roughen the surface, then add 100mm thick, and use flat vibration to seal the bottom of the bag. The material is compacted, and so on.

Furnace wall construction:

C2.1 After finishing the construction of the furnace bottom, place the iron crucible mold into the induction furnace. When sitting the mold, make sure that the gap thickness of the iron crucible mold is not glued and the coils on both sides of the mold are the same.

C2.2 Then pour the ramming material into the gap of the induction furnace. When pour the material, pour it evenly at different positions along the side wall, add a height of about 100mm, and use a vibrator to drag around the iron crucible mold. The purpose is to make the material Enough exhaust to compact, and at the same time help to reduce the material segregation during the vibration of the iron crucible mold. Then the surface is roughened, and the height is about 100mm, and the vibrator is used to drag around the iron crucible mold, and so on. Warm reminder from Luoyang Quantong Kiln: Make the material height C2.3 higher than the height of the coil cement during construction.

Iron crucible mold: Pull up the iron crucible mold with a crane, and be careful when drawing the mold to prevent damage to the working liner.

Baking: low-temperature baking time: 2-4 hours, temperature <300; medium-temperature baking time: 6-8 hours, temperature 300-800; high-temperature baking time: 2-4 hours, temperature 800-1000.