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Continuous casting billet heating equipment

Continuous casting billet heating equipment

Features of continuous casting billet heating equipment:

▲With series resonant power supply control, all-digital, fully open rectification, high power factor, and small harmonic components.

▲Heating process control: PLC automatic control is realized during the entire heating process, and various data during the heating process can be displayed in a timely manner and records can be saved. .

▲Calculated based on the surface temperature of the blank at 800°C when it enters the furnace, and the power consumption per ton when heated to 1050°C, equipped with two medium-frequency induction heating power supplies.

▲The furnace body of the billet heating furnace adopts a profiling design. The copper tube is wound with T2 oxygen-free copper. The wall thickness of the copper tube is greater than or equal to 2.8mm. The furnace body is made of knotted materials imported from the United States, which has high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life long

▲The steel billet after heat treatment has better compressive internal stress, which makes the work piece more resistant to fatigue and breaking. The work piece has no cracks and has high tensile strength.

▲Material of water-cooled roller and stop roller: non-magnetic stainless steel, wear-resistant, long service life

▲The inlet and outlet ends of the continuous casting billet heating equipment are equipped with American Raytech infrared temperature measuring devices, and closed-loop control is formed through the PLC control system. When the temperature of the billet fluctuates, the output power is adjusted in time to ensure that the temperature of the discharge meets the heating requirements. And through precise calculation and control, the temperature difference between the front and back of each material is less than 30 degrees. When there is no material in the furnace for a long time, the power of the electric furnace will automatically be reduced to the initial power, and the material can be automatically shut down for more than 10 minutes (this time can be set according to the actual situation).