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How to use and save SMC insulation board

How to use and save SMC insulation board

1. When the product is found to have cracks, scratches, thickness reduction, etc., which are insufficient to ensure the insulation function during use, it should be replaced in time.

2. When the insulating board is in use, the ground should be flat and free of sharp and hard objects. When laying the boards, the joints of the boards should be flat and not curled to prevent the operator from falling down when inspecting the equipment or turning over.

3. The product should be kept dry and clean. Take care to prevent contact with acids, alkalis and various oils to avoid aging, cracking or stickiness after corrosion, and then reduce its insulation function.

4. The insulating board should avoid direct sunlight or sharp metal scratches, and avoid too close to the heat source (heating, etc.) when storing it to prevent aggravation of aging and deterioration, and then reduce the insulation function.

  1. The product should be washed with soap and water every six months.