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What is the goal of induction heating equipment

What is the goal of induction heating equipment

The heating and cooling of the induction heating equipment during the heat treatment will change the shape and size of the metal workpiece after treatment. The heat treatment method will eliminate the machining allowance. Deformation will lead to scrapping of materials that have been put into use and loss of resources. The deformation of the workpiece will also affect the interchangeability and reduce the operation accuracy, resulting in a decrease in efficiency, an increase in energy consumption, and noise. Therefore, zero deformation of the workpiece during the heat treatment process is very important, which must be guaranteed by the precise production of the heat treatment process.

An important prerequisite for achieving high production efficiency is the mass production of a single product. Under the condition of large-scale production, the automation of induction heating equipment production process, online quality informationization, the realization of process parameters and mass effect simulation and adaptive control can greatly improve production efficiency.

The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment realizes unmanned operation, thereby completely eliminating the human error factor and ensuring the low dispersion of the product. Induction heating equipment that shortens the production cycle can save energy and improve production efficiency. The reliability of the induction heating furnace is improved, the failure rate is reduced, the number of repairs can be reduced, and the auxiliary time can be reduced. The use of flexible equipment and multifunctional equipment production lines in multi-variety and small-batch production methods can also improve production efficiency.

Induction heating equipment is currently used in heat treatment equipment in mechanical manufacturing. Facing the new situation, it is necessary to carefully analyze the requirements of the development of the machinery industry, combine the development characteristics of the heat treatment industry, and make necessary adjustments to the focus of the enterprise.