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Why choose the right frequency for induction melting furnace

Why choose the right frequency for induction melting furnace

Choosing an induction melting furnace with an inappropriate frequency will affect the quality of the heating of the workpiece: the size of the power; the problem of determining the heating speed and processing efficiency of the workpiece; the heating time is slow, the efficiency of the workpiece is low, the heating is uneven, and the temperature cannot meet the requirements. It will cause damage to the workpiece and cause the opposite effect.

How to choose the right frequency correctly? Please remember the following words:

(1) The larger the diameter of the workpiece, the lower the frequency should be;

(2) The shallower the quenching layer, the higher the frequency;

(3) The larger the welding volume, the lower the frequency should be.

The advantages of surface quenching in intermediate frequency melting furnace compared with surface quenching of ordinary heating equipment:

1. The heating speed is extremely fast, which can expand the transformation temperature range of body A and shorten the transformation time.

2. After quenching, extremely fine cryptocrystalline martensite can be obtained on the surface of the workpiece, with a slightly higher hardness (2~3HRC). Low brittleness and high fatigue strength.

3. The workpiece processed by this process is not easy to be oxidized and decarburized, and even some workpieces can be directly assembled and used after processing.

4. Deep hardened layer, easy to control and operate