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What is the focus of the installation and debugging of the chiller?

What is the focus of the installation and debugging of the chiller?

First, check.

The inspection is divided into several aspects. The inspection is two aspects, one is the enterprise aspect, one is the chiller machine itself, and the two aspects are the focus of the inspection.

First check whether the enterprise has done the site repair work and other work, including whether enough space has been vacated when the machine is hoisted, whether the installation foundation of the chiller has been processed, and ensure that the foundation is hard enough and has enough bearing capacity. Under the premise of strength, ensure the flatness, so that the installation of the chiller can be started.

As for the inspection of the chiller machine itself, it refers to the inspection of the unit components, including whether there is any bump and whether each part is missing. It can be checked according to the packing list of the chiller manufacturer. If you find any missing, please contact the chiller immediately. machine manufacturer.

The second is debugging.

The premise of debugging is that the installation has been completed. After the installation is completed, you can enter the debugging process. If debugging, it is relatively professional and can be debugged by the manufacturer. Of course, this article is about self-debugging.

If you debug by yourself, first connect the line and ensure that the power line is normal, you must ensure that the grounding is normal, and there is no grounding protection, which is prone to use risks.

After that, the air-cooling or water-cooling system of the chiller must be checked, and then the chilled water system, as well as the water pump, fan, etc., must be preheated before the official start-up operation and use. Generally speaking, the chiller Refrigerant, lubricating oil, etc. have been added when leaving the factory, and enterprises do not need to refill.