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Maintenance skills of box-type resistance furnace

Maintenance skills of box-type resistance furnace

1. To use or re-use after a long period of inactivity, the oven should be oven, the oven method is to set the temperature at 200 ℃ with the door closed, heat to the temperature and keep it for 2 hours, and then increase the temperature to 400 ℃ and keep it for 2 hours, then increase the temperature in sequence and keep it until the rated temperature is reached;

2. In the case of operating in accordance with the safe operating regulations of the box-type resistance furnace, dust removal work should be carried out regularly, and regularly check whether each terminal is firm, whether each switch is normal, the heating condition of the terminal, the sealing condition of the box, etc. , And carry out inspection and maintenance of various parts and components, and replace them if necessary;

3. Regularly check the furnace lining and insulation layer, and make reasonable repairs when necessary. If it needs to be replaced, the integrity of the new insulation material should be ensured to avoid cracks and corners;

4. Frequently check the temperature control system, and routinely tighten the fuses and connecting screws to ensure good contact, and regularly calibrate the temperature control instruments and thermocouples;

5. Check the heating element regularly. When damage is found, the heating element with the same specification and similar resistance value should be replaced in time. The chuck must be tightened when the new heating element is installed;

6. Frequently clean and maintain the furnace chamber clean, and remove the stolen goods such as oxides in the furnace as soon as possible.