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Principle of steel tube induction heating furnace

Principle of steel tube induction heating furnace

  1. DSC02297 The sensor winding is carried out in accordance with the “Inductor Manufacturing Process Code” compiled by our company.

2. The furnace body of the steel tube induction heating furnace is divided into two sets according to different specifications of Φ95-130 steel tubes, each with 6 sets. Φ95-115 steel pipe is a group, Φ115-130 steel pipe is a group.

2.1 The principle of the steel tube induction heating furnace is a high power density heating device, the power density can reach several hundred or even several kilowatts per square centimeter. If no measures are taken, the highly concentrated power will generate a magnetic field leakage to the two ends, causing heating of the roller table; coupled with the dissipation of the magnetic field lines, these factors will increase the power consumption of the furnace body and make the heating effect of the two ends of the furnace body poor. In addition, heating is done by using three power supplies. If they are turned on at the same time, the six furnaces will interfere with each other; this will affect the increase of power supply. This is reflected in the similar equipment we provided for you in 2001. . To this end, we take the following measures:

2.1.1 In order to reduce magnetic leakage, ensure that the intermediate frequency power supply is not interfered by the magnetic field and the roller table and the support frame between the furnace body are not heated, the front and rear furnace plates of the furnace body are made of closed copper plates and water is specially designed to pass water on the circumference of the furnace mouth.

2.1.2 Each set of furnace body is equipped with a powered, height-adjustable steel pipe centering guide structure, which makes the steel pipe easy to enter the furnace, avoids the impact of the steel pipe on the inductor, and effectively extends the service life of the inductor.

2.1.3 The invention of the special structure of the anti-magnetic furnace mouth plate before and after the furnace body belongs to our company.

2.2 The furnace lining adopts corundum tube, the service temperature can reach over 1700℃, and it has good insulation, heat insulation, chilling and heat resistance and impact resistance.

2.3 There is a drain hole at the bottom of the induction furnace body, which can automatically drain the condensed water in the furnace.

2.4 The length of the furnace body is about 660 mm.

2.5 The structure of the induction furnace is shown in the figure