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Where should camshaft quenching equipment develop?

Where should camshaft quenching equipment develop?

At present, although the design, development and application of camshaft quenching equipment in our country have developed to a certain extent, it is still slightly weaker for the faster-developing industrial industry. In order to meet the ever-increasing industrial demands, where should camshaft quenching equipment be developed?

1. High frequency

The application field of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is very wide, but the thyristor is mainly used in the intermediate frequency band, and the IGBT is mainly used in the super audio frequency band. In the high frequency band, due to the high conduction loss of SIT, etc. Problem, so the main development of MOSFET power supply. However, induction heating power supplies usually have a large power, especially for high-frequency power supplies, which have many special requirements for power devices and passive components, so the camshaft hardening equipment should be considered for high-frequency development.

2. Large capacity

Camshaft quenching equipment should consider the large capacity of induction heating power supply from the perspective of the circuit. The series and parallel technology of multiple power supplies is an effective means to further increase the capacity on the basis of the device series and parallel technology. With the help of reliable power supply in series With parallel technology, large-capacity devices can be obtained simply through series-parallel operation when the capacity of a single unit is appropriate.

3. Load matching

Induction heating power supplies are mostly used in industrial sites, and their operating conditions are relatively complex, and they are closely related to the steel, metallurgy and metal heat treatment industries. There are various load objects, and the power inverter and the load are an organic whole. The load directly affects the operating efficiency and reliability of the power supply. Therefore, the camshaft quenching equipment should also be developed towards load matching.

In order to be able to effectively meet the various needs in the industrial production process, camshaft quenching equipment should also be developed in a better way, and some manufacturers with advanced technology have already made new breakthroughs in the development process, so if users If you need to use better heating equipment, you should first find out which medium frequency induction heating equipment is of better quality.