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Configuration introduction of induction heating equipment for drill pipe

Configuration introduction of induction heating equipment for drill pipe

1. Conveying roller table of drill pipe induction heating equipment: the axis of the roller table and the axis of the workpiece form an included angle of 18~21°. The roller table between the furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

2. Feeding system of drill pipe induction heating equipment: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer and controlled by an independent frequency converter; the speed difference output is flexibly designed, and the running speed is controlled in sections.

3. Drill pipe pier head temperature compensation system: For the diameter of the pier head is different from the middle part of the casing, a special pier head temperature compensation system is designed. The temperature compensation induction furnace tracks the accurate temperature compensation of the pier head online to ensure the temperature difference between the pier head and the middle part. Controlled within 20°C

4. Recipe management function of control system of drill pipe induction heating equipment: powerful recipe management system, after inputting the parameters of steel grade, outer diameter and wall thickness to be produced, the relevant parameters will be automatically called, and there is no need to manually record, check, and input various The parameter value required by the workpiece.

5. Multi-circuit closed-loop function of induction heating equipment for drill pipe: In view of the instability of power supply system in underdeveloped areas and countries, high-level temperature, voltage and other multi-circuit closed-loop systems are designed. Under severe conditions such as power supply voltage fluctuations up to 20%, intermittent use of generator sets, etc., it can still ensure a high degree of consistency in product processes.

6. The industrial computer system of the drill pipe induction heating equipment: real-time display of the current working parameter status, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions.

7. Drill pipe induction heating equipment can also provide remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

8. The drill pipe induction heating equipment adopts the American Leitai infrared thermometer to control the tool temperature, real-time display tool heating is stable, and the qualified rate of finished products is high.