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Ways to prevent the pollution of the furnace of the vacuum furnace

Ways to prevent the pollution of the furnace of the vacuum furnace

1. Daily leak detection and leakage prevention

In the daily use of the vacuum furnace, the pressure rise rate test should be carried out weekly to determine whether the furnace body is leaking, and the daily maintenance and maintenance should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, and preventive maintenance should be done. To prevent leakage is to ensure the effective operation of the sealing parts of the furnace door, the pipelines, thermocouples and other connecting parts. Therefore, the sealing parts should be checked and cleaned regularly.

2. Prevention of oil return of vacuum pump

It mainly includes measures to prevent the diffusion pump, as well as the oil return of the mechanical pump and the Roots pump. In addition, when purchasing new equipment, you can consider dry vacuum pumps instead of oil pumps, and molecular pumps instead of oil diffusion pumps, which can prevent the vacuum pump from returning oil and reduce the maintenance cost of replacing pump oil and oil filters.

3. Clean and inspect the workpiece

(1) The parts must be cleaned before installing the furnace, and sandblasted if necessary.

(2) Conventional cleaning methods include alkaline cleaning and manual solvent cleaning.

(3) Ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning or vacuum cleaning can be used for complex parts.

(4) Before loading the workpieces and workers into the furnace, in addition to checking whether all parts are cleaned and free of coating, check that the labels on the parts and workers loaded into the furnace are free of low melting point metals or other non-metals, and use stainless steel.