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How does the induction heating furnace production line work?

How does the induction heating furnace production line work?

The electrical control function system of the induction heating furnace production line is mainly composed of medium frequency induction heating power supply, inductor coil, PLC electrical controller cabinet hydraulic pneumatic, mechanical movement and so on.

Due to the non-linearity, time deformation, non-uniformity of temperature distribution in the induction heating process, as well as the viciousness, noise, and non-uniformity of magnetic field distribution in the field environment, it is difficult to control the accuracy of the heating temperature of the induction heating furnace by manual operation of induction heating. , stability, the PLC control system came into being. The PLC upper computer is equipped with configuration control software, which ensures the stable and safe operation of the induction heating production line, and can monitor the heating process of the entire heating system.

The induction heating furnace heating production line controlled by PLC is equipped with various display operation buttons and process display. The main functions are as follows:

1. The beat controller is the production beat determined by the productivity. For each beat, the material pushing cylinder pushes one material to the sensor. The system beat is 15s;

2. The manual and automatic conversion function debugging and fault maintenance of the induction heating furnace are in the manual working state, and should work in the automatic state under normal conditions;

3. The pre-stop function system of the induction heating furnace is controlled by sequential feeding;

4. The emergency stop function of the induction heating furnace is equipped with emergency stop buttons on both the power supply cabinet and the control cabinet. When an emergency failure occurs, the entire line will stop working unconditionally;

5. The induction heating furnace reset function When the equipment fails, the sound and light alarm will be carried out first. After the fault is eliminated, the system must be restarted by pressing the reset button;

6. Various protections are designed in the induction heating furnace protection system, mainly including water pressure protection, phase failure protection and over-temperature protection.

PLC programmable controller has been widely used in the field of industrial control because of its simplicity, reliability and easy to master. In the medium frequency induction heating furnace industry, with the improvement of automation and the increase of automatic production lines, PLC has been more and more used in the induction heating furnace industry.