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Induction furnace alarm detailed table

Induction furnace alarm detailed table

1. If the water temperature of the cooling system of the induction furnace is overheated, it will affect the use of the thyristor, capacitors, reactors, induction coils and water-cooled cables of the induction furnace. Especially, the thyristor is easily damaged when the water temperature exceeds 65 degrees. It is necessary to set up a water temperature detection and alarm device. Generally, the water temperature sensor is installed at the water outlet of the induction furnace. Analysis of the causes of high water temperature: too little water flow of cooling water, blockage of cooling water pipelines, dead bending of cooling pipelines, scaling of cooling pipelines, all of which may cause water flow to decrease and water temperature to rise.

2. Over-current and over-voltage detection and alarm of induction furnace, over-voltage and over-current induction furnace will protect and alarm and stop working. The reasons for this phenomenon may be: high incoming voltage, capacitor breakdown, poor rectification performance, induction furnace Short-circuit to ground, especially pay attention to the iron filings sticking between induction coils of induction furnace or the appearance of short-circuit ignition in the induction coil itself, or the gap between the workpiece and the induction coil is too small, which are common factors that cause overcurrent and overvoltage.

3. The induction electric furnace is short of water maintenance alarm. This phenomenon is easy to appear after the induction electric furnace is repaired, especially when the cooling system pipeline is replaced, resulting in the reverse connection of the water circuit, the intermediate frequency power supply or the phenomenon of the sensor water circuit topping.

4. Induction furnace leakage alarm. In the smelting furnace smelting waste metal, molten iron impurities corrode the furnace lining or molten iron rinses the furnace during smelting, causing the furnace lining to become thinner or cracked. The lining thickness measuring device of the induction furnace detects that the thickness of the furnace lining is lower than the set thickness. Fixed value alarm.

5. When there is an early warning for the lack of phase maintenance of the induction furnace, the reasons may be: the three-phase power is seriously unbalanced, the three-phase power is short of one phase, and there is an open circuit in the air switch or power supply line.

6. The induction furnace does not act properly and the air pressure alarm is insufficient. This understanding is relatively simple. If the action is not in place, the moving parts may be severely worn or stuck, and the air pressure may not be enough to cause the action to fail.