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The basic composition of the steel bar forging diathermy electric furnace

The basic composition of the steel bar forging diathermy electric furnace

The basic composition of the steel bar forging diathermy electric furnace: intermediate frequency power supply, electric heating capacitor cabinet, induction heating coil, furnace body support, pneumatic or electric pusher and other parts. The fully automatic equipment also includes automatic feeding and sorting device, flat vibration feeding device, pressing roller feeding device, automatic temperature control system, PLC operation control cabinet, infrared temperature measurement system, etc.

Power supply of steel bar forging diathermy furnace:

‍The power supply of the steel bar forging diathermy furnace‍ adopts the intermediate frequency voltage doubler output, the output tank is wide and the copper bar is designed with a small gap, which reduces the power loss of the line, and the power saving can reach 10%-15%. The induction heating is treated with double insulation, The service life and reliability are increased by 3 times, the thin furnace lining design reduces the magnetic flux leakage in the space, and the power conversion efficiency is extremely high, which achieves energy saving and consumption reduction, and realizes a better matching of high-efficiency work and saves electricity. The Haishan power supply can easily and directly and accurately detect the change of load current, so as to realize the closed-loop control of the output power. Even if the external voltage fluctuates, the output power can be kept constant and the temperature is stable.

Temperature control system of steel bar forging diathermy furnace:

The closed-loop temperature control system of the steel bar forging diathermy furnace adopts an infrared thermometer to measure the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of the induction furnace, and monitors whether there is overheating or incomplete heating. After the temperature monitoring, the signal is always fed back to the induction heating working host—the control system of the Yuantuo frequency conversion power supply. The power supply is automatically identified according to the set process requirements. When the billet temperature exceeds the target temperature range, the control system will be at the set value. On the basis of the automatic adjustment of the output power, the power supply is corrected to control the blank temperature within the target range. It reduces the production of substandard products and ensures the consistency of product quality. After the traditional power supply and temperature closed-loop system feedback the temperature control signal, the temperature signal does not participate in the power control of the power supply, so the temperature deviation of the billet cannot be corrected, and the power supply cannot be automatically matched. /Cryogenic sorting.