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Induction melting furnace use

Induction melting furnace use

1. The output voltage of the intermediate frequency power supply is 70-550V, so the output end of the intermediate frequency power supply, the compensation capacitor connection end, and the induction coil connector have high voltages, and they should not be exposed to the outside to prevent the operator from being exposed to the risk of electric shock;

2. If the insulation of the induction coil is found to be damaged, the insulation should be re-insulated or replaced with a new induction coil to prevent electric shock;

3. Any connection and installation must be carried out when the power supply of the induction melting furnace is turned off to prevent electric shock;

4. The maintenance of the induction melting furnace must be carried out by professionally trained personnel to prevent electric shock;

5. For operation safety, operators should wear insulated gloves, insulated shoes, insulated clothing, etc.;

6. For operational safety, insulating materials such as insulating plates should be used on the work surface of the intermediate frequency.

7. During the smelting process, it is strictly forbidden to cut off the power and water. During the smelting process, you should always pay attention to the water pressure and the water pressure to keep the water pressure at 0.1-0.3mpa. Ensure that clean water is used for cooling. The cooling water temperature should not exceed 45°C. , Otherwise it will cause the machine to be easily damaged;

8. During the feeding operation, the charge should be dried first, and cannot be directly added to the melt. The furnace must be heated to about 1000 degrees before pouring the molten iron. The furnace can be heated by adding iron block induction heating.

9. The freezing and sealing time of the charge should not be too long, so as not to cause the furnace to explode. After sintering the furnace lining, it is advisable to use 30-50% of the rated power to work continuously for more than 5 furnaces.