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What principles should customers follow when buying a chiller

What principles should customers follow when buying a chiller

1. First, it is necessary to clarify what equipment to cool down. The chiller has a wide range of applications, involving all walks of life, and generally common refrigeration functions can be met. However, for companies with temperature requirements of -10°C and below, it is best to choose a dedicated low-temperature chiller to achieve temperature requirements; or It is a special chemical industry, it is safer to choose an explosion-proof chiller; for the electroplating industry, it is more durable to choose an acid and alkali-resistant chiller; therefore, only special machines can achieve better results.

2. Choose a chiller with reliable quality. Although the failure rate of the chiller is low, there is still the possibility of failure, so the performance and quality of the chiller equipment is particularly important. Cost-effective chiller equipment only needs to be well maintained during normal work, minimize the additional wear of the equipment, and can minimize the cost of failure. In this regard, it is necessary to choose more high-end and well-reputed brands in the market.

3. Pay attention to after-sales service. Whether it is chiller equipment or other refrigeration equipment, after-sales service is an important part that should be considered when buying. While guaranteeing the brand, the after-sales service commitment must also be considered. Priority will be given to manufacturers who have a good commitment to after-sales service. In the event of equipment failure, the loss of the enterprise can be minimized. After-sales service commitment can refer to market evaluation and manufacturer’s terms.

4. Under the conditions of the same function and price, try to choose industrial chillers that are easy to operate, simple to repair, and easy to maintain. This can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity of the operator and reduce the corresponding training cost.

5. When choosing a chiller, we must communicate with the manufacturer whether it is necessary to install and debug on-site. Generally speaking, in order to save installation costs, there is no need for personnel to install and debug on-site. Like the chiller produced by Dongyuejin, we provide chiller installation. The drawings can be installed by customers themselves, which is simple and convenient, saving customers’ costs.