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Sucker rod overall quenching and tempering production line

Sucker rod overall quenching and tempering production line

1) Workpiece specifications and sensor configuration

Sensor configuration requires a total of three sets, each of quenching and tempering 3 sets. The heating range of the workpiece is 16-32mm . The intermediate frequency power supply of the quenching part adopts 500KW power, and the inductor adopts a 2- section design to ensure uniform heating. The tempering part adopts 1 set of power supply, the power is 250KW, and the inductor is designed for 2 sections.

Serial number Specification Range ( mm ) Length (m) Adaptation sensor
1 Φ 16- Φ 19 16-19 8-11 GTR-19
2 Φ 22- Φ 25 22-25 8-11 GTR-25
3 Φ 28.6- Φ 32 28.6-32 8-11 GTR-32

2) Process flow description

First, manually place the required workpiece (sucker rod) on the feeding storage rack (usually hoisted to the top with a crane), the storage rack is equipped with an integral turning mechanism, and the turning mechanism will be adjusted according to the set beat (time). The material is turned to the feeding conveyor, and then the feeding drives the bar material forward, and the material is sent to the quenching heating inductor. Then the workpiece is heated by the quenching heating part, and the quenching heating is divided into rapid heating and uniform temperature heating.

After the heating is completed, the workpiece is driven by the inclined roller to pass through the quenching water spray ring for spray quenching. After quenching is completed, it enters the tempering heating inductor for tempering heating. Tempering heating is also divided into two parts: tempering heating and tempering heat preservation and heating, and the material is discharged after the heating is completed (the sucker rod is always in a rotating state under the action of the inclined roller during the entire heating process).
3) Equipment parameter description

project 500KW quenching equipment 250KW tempering equipment
Power supply model KGPS-500-4S GTR-250-2.5S
Rated power ( KW ) 500 250
Nominal frequency ( HZ ) 4000 2500
Input voltage ( V ) 380 380
Input current (A) 820 410
DC current ( A ) 1000 500
Intermediate frequency voltage (V) 750
Heating temperature 900 ℃± 10 ℃ ( Quenching temperature is 870 ℃± 10 ℃ ) 650 ℃ ( increased to 630 ℃ -650 ℃ under residual temperature)
Total power (KW) Quenching 500kW + tempering 250kW = 750kW
Transformer capacity ( KVA ) ≥ 800KVA
Design output of production line Design according to φ 32 , 4m/min
Remark The material is in accordance with 20CrMo , and the quenching water spray pressure is 1.5-3 kg / cm.