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High alumina brick implementation standard and conventional size

High alumina brick implementation standard and conventional size

As a common refractory brick, high-alumina bricks have many names in daily applications. Here is a summary of the detailed popular standard names for everyone.

High alumina brick label/common name size(mm) Brick type
T3 high alumina brick 230*114*65 Straight
T6 high alumina brick 250*123*65 Straight
T14 high alumina brick 171*113*65 Straight
T19 high alumina brick 230*65/55*114 Axe
T20 high alumina brick 230*65/45*114 Axe
T29 high alumina brick 230*65/55*171 Axe
T30 high alumina brick 230*65/45*171 Axe
T38 high alumina brick 230*114*65/55 Knife type
T39 high alumina brick 230*114*65/45 Knife type
High alumina brick two-piece 230*114*20 Straight
High alumina brick three-piece 230*114*30 Straight
High alumina brick quarters 230*114*40 Straight
High alumina brick half bar 230*57*65 Straight
High aluminum eight bricks 520*230*113 Straight
Establish ten high alumina bricks 650*230*113 Straight
Set up twelve high alumina bricks 780*230*113 Straight
Flat four high alumina bricks 452*230*65 Straight
G1 high alumina brick 230*150*75 Straight
G2 high alumina brick 345*150*75 Straight
G5 high alumina brick 230*150/120*75 blade
G6 high alumina brick 230*150/110*75 blade

The chemical composition of high alumina bauxite In the chemical composition of high alumina alumina, the main components are Al2O3 and SiO2. Its typical chemical composition is classified according to the chemical composition and use of bauxite.

Grades 1 to 6 are suitable for monohydrate duralumin type ore; Grade 7 is suitable for aluminum type ore. Al2O3 is the main component in bauxite. The higher the content, the better. The current production of industrial alumina requires that the ratio of aluminum to silicon is not less than 3.0. Other oxides are regarded as impurities. SiO2 is a harmful impurity in the production of alumina by alkaline method. The high content of SiO2 in bauxite will reduce the production efficiency of smelting brown corundum or producing industrial alumina.

TiO2 and Fe2O3 in high alumina bauxite are the two main impurities. The content of TiO2 tends to increase simultaneously with the increase of Al2O3. Studies have shown that: TiO2 in the secondary high alumina bauxite mainly forms a solid solution with mullite, and the amount of entering into the glass phase is small, which is not good for the sintering of the product, but it is beneficial to improve the high temperature mechanical properties of the product; In bauxite, TiO2 enters the glass phase more, which will increase the amount of liquid phase and reduce the viscosity of the liquid phase, which is conducive to sintering, but is not conducive to improving the high-temperature performance of the product. The alkali metal oxides K2O and Na2O of high alumina bauxite are very strong fluxes, and they produce a liquid phase at a lower temperature. When its content is too high, it will affect the phase composition and content of the clinker and the product, and adversely affect the performance of the product. The content of CaO in high alumina bauxite is generally low, about 0.2%. Its existence is detrimental to the high-temperature performance of the product, and its content is also limited in technical conditions.

1. The size of refractory brick with high alumina brick No. T-46 is a275 b230 c150 e80 d15 α 60° Volume 6565 Weight (clay brick) 13.5 Weight (semi-silica brick) 13.1 Weight (semi-silica brick) 12.5;

2. The size of refractory brick with high alumina brick No. T-47 is a275 b230 c450 e80 d15 α 60° Volume 19695 weight (clay brick) 40.4 weight (semi-silica brick) 39.4 weight (semi-silica brick) 37.5;

3. The size of refractory brick with high alumina brick No. T-48 is a275 b275 c150 e65 d65 α45° Volume 8040 Weight (clay brick) 16.5 Weight (semi-silica brick) 16.1 Weight (semi-silica brick)

4. The size of general refractory bricks is T-3. The size of refractory bricks is 230*113*65. The national standard and ministry standard dimensions are almost the same length X width X thickness T-1: 172*114*65, T-2: 230*114* 32, T-3: 230*114*65