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Quenching heat treatment equipment-automatic intelligent control

Quenching heat treatment equipment-automatic intelligent control

Quenching heat treatment equipment-a brief explanation of automatic intelligent control system

1. Process control of the quenching heat treatment equipment, using the superior parameter setting and control functions of this system to optimize the production process of the induction heating equipment production line and record it in the system, use this parameter to directly control the operation of the workpiece in the heating and heat treatment process The speed and heating power can realize the reliable matching of heating power and operating speed.

2. Induction heating furnace interlocking control, interlocking control of the relevant electrical appliances of each part of the equipment to meet the process requirements of the quenching heat treatment equipment in the heating process.

3. Monitoring during the production process of quenching heat treatment equipment, touch screen display function, = color screen dynamic display system related parameter curve, such as running linear speed, voltage, current, set power, heating temperature and other parameters during heating.

4. Process management in the production process of quenching heat treatment equipment. The system makes full use of the man-machine interface PLC automatic and intelligent control form, and the superiority of the computer. Process parameters such as the heating process, quenching process and tempering process of various metals Stored in the computer, so that when you change the size of the workpiece, you can reduce the adjustment time and improve production efficiency.

5. Data management in the production process of induction heating equipment, record historical data, establish operating database, and archive management of user processing procedures and process parameters. Convert historical data into archive files, retrieve them at any time and display them graphically, and you can also make various real-time reports.

6. The quenching heat treatment equipment alarm monitoring display, cooperates with the power circuit, mechanical transmission circuit, circulating cooling water system and other parts to perform comprehensive monitoring. When any abnormality occurs in the circuit or the operating conditions change, the user can prompt or alarm according to the alarm. Prompt for relevant processing to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

7. Networking function: The system can use other computers to monitor the operating conditions of the entire induction heating equipment system at different locations.