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Production process of high temperature resistant mica board

Production process of high temperature resistant mica board

The high temperature resistant mica board is made by bonding, heating and pressing mica paper and organic silica gel water. The mica content is about 90% and the organic silica gel water content is 10%. The main production process is as follows:

1. Choose mica fragments or powdered mica and rinse them for later use;

2. Use a shredder to crush the collected mica rubber waste paper;

3. Stir and evenly mix the crushed mica waste paper, mica fragments or powder, and adhesive in a certain proportion to obtain a mixture;

4. Bake the homogeneous mixture at 240±10°C to semi-dry;

5. Press, pour the semi-dried mixture evenly into the pre-installed mold, pave and flatten it and place it with glass fiber cloth, thin iron plate, and backing plate in sequence, push it into the press and use the same as the mixture Continue to bake at the same temperature, bake for 5 minutes and release the pressure and exhaust once. After each exhaust, press and bake on the previous pressure, and gradually increase the pressure to 40 Mpa.